My inspiration

DSC_1454I’ve had major blogger’s block for the last 6 months. For me, blogger’s block is when you cannot get yourself to click the publish button. My blogger’s block is not due to lack of inspiration or motivation. I’ve actually written quite a bit and even started journaling again. This blog was inspired by a journal. I used to write everything on a journal since I was in middle school. My journals were my Frida’s Café.

389466_10150464080873008_615179952_nToday I’m inspired to continue journaling- not only on a piece of paper but also in this space.  My inspiration to blog comes from different sources. Women and their awesomeness are a main source of inspiration.  I’ve always been inspired by women, their voices and struggles. There is so much to say and share about a woman’s life, journey and the way she survives it.  I’m continuously at awe by the courage and bravery to face the worse situations. I admire their power overcome obstacles and the ease to create beauty in so many different forms. I feel fortunate to know pretty darn amazing women– amazons who thrive, empower and truly make a difference.

181226_10151437653983008_837096931_nAnother source of inspiration is love. Yes, it sounds very cursi but love drives so much of what I write on here. The sea of emotions love brings drives some of the best blog posts on Frida’s café.  Love makes me passionate, brings me happiness and at times confuses the crap out of me. My search for love can also be found on some of my posts– the search for the right kind of love. The kind we only hear about in movies and in the fantasy world we are trained to believe it exists. Love is so much more than an idea or a fantasy. Love makes us vibrate and has the power to give us the best adrenaline rush. Love is not only what we feel for our significant other- it is all around us, in every single person we allow into our lives. Love is within us and should never cause us pain or makes us angry. People cause pain and anger- not love. Love inspires me to continue to write and to hope one day the right kind of love will find me.

IMG_5389Life has changed quite a bit for me since I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. His arrival revolutionized my life in the most unexpected and beautiful way. He has become my biggest inspiration. He inspires me to live life in a different way. He inspires me to enjoy the simple things in life like silence, the sounds of rain, the beautiful green in trees, the peacefulness in daytime naps, music and the comfort of doing absolutely nothing on a Saturday afternoon. He smiles and my world is okay. I could have the worse of days  but when that kid smiles everything is alright and that is the best feeling in the world. He has become my soul mate– my little soul mate that keeps me grounded, humble and very very happy.  I thank God every day for bringing him into my life, I thank him for choosing me be his Mama and for being such a wonderful baby. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because the RIGHT kind of love finally found me!

Your turn, what inspires you?



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