A beautiful struggle

424159_10150618085593008_967857862_nDo you ever have days when you have so much to do it is hard to get anything done? You feel like your mind is racing faster than a race car and there’s only so much you can do to hold still.  Things begin to happen so fast and your only wish is to stop for just a few minutes to find a little peace. And that never ending “To Do” list becomes a sad reminder that peace is nowhere near and all you can do is hold on as well as you can. I know I’m not the only one that has these moments. At least I like to think I’m not the only one!!! These are the moments that make us feel less capable and a bit lost. Moments we question everything around us, the decisions we make and the direction our life is going.  We struggle to keep up and at times not everything works out. We fall, we cry, get angry. These are the moments that challenge us as individuals and have the potential to break us down but also make us stronger. It is during these moments when we realize how much strength, courage, and fight we have in us.

I think it is okay to feel a bit (or a lot) lost once in a while. Personally, it shakes me up and helps me regain perspective I may have lost along the way. It brings me back to where I need to be and most importantly, it reminds me I am human. A human who makes mistakes, gets lost and not always holds it all together. I’m also a new Mom, a single new mom, who is trying to do the best that she can with her baby boy as well as maintain a professional career. It is okay for me to have these moments, right?

So if these moments ever creep up on you, because they can and they will, don’t forget to be compassionate and never lose sight of what’s truly important. If you fall, get up and don’t give up. If you cry, it’s okay but also remember to smile (there will always be something to smile about). If you get angry, find your “happy” (there’s always a bit of happiness all around us).  Struggles are never easy but most are worth it and always have something to teach us. Remember you are human…. A beautiful-imperfect human riding this crazy ride call life.  Just hold on because at some point it will does slow down and get better.  At the end of it all it is a beautiful struggle.


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