#naphopomo 2013, Day 2: Paying attention


It is amazing what happens when we begin to pay attention. My eyes and mind were much more aware of the surroundings today because I knew I needed a photo for this post. Both were more open. I noticed the shift when I walked out the door with my camera (and baby) on hands just in case I saw something on my way down the stairs!!  I took time to see not just look at everything around me. This is just one of the few photos I took today and although it’s not the best it does capture the shift as a result of this exercise. I don’t think I would have noticed the guy in the tricycle had I not being paying attention to what was around me. He is just strolling on Montrose during the busy lunch time. I found this refreshing, daring and brave!

Open your eyes a little more, you may be surprised at what your missing. I dare you to try! 

This photograph was taken as part of #NaPhoPoMo (National Photo Posting Month) — a shot a day for the month of November.

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