#naphopomo 2013, Day 5: Helen and the kids



Helen Guerra is one of the most caring individuals I’ve ever met. She cares for my Gael during the day while I’m at work. Helen is not just Gael’s babysitter but she also has become a part of our little family. Her care for Gael goes beyond the 8+ hours she keeps him, it never stops and it’s always genuine. She is also pretty sneaky. She sneaks cute little gifts for Gael in his bag and I usually don’t notice them until I get home. She always seems to find something for him when she goes shopping. Her excuse, “It was on clearance, I had to get it!!!.” She has a kind heart and cannot help it.

Helen has been caring for little ones for more than 30 years, and she is good at it. She says it comes to her easy because she always wanted to be a teacher. I love Helen’s spirit and joyful personality. She is the kind of person that will always have a smile for you even on not the best of days. Her fighting spirit is an inspiration; she is a 10-year cancer survivor and counting. I’m thankful for her and this is why I wanted to include her on this month’s photo challenge.

This photo above captures Helen’s daily routine with the usual subjects- Gael, Jaden and her grandson Emerson. Gael is usually on her lap or crawling on the floor, Jaden is always lying down and Emerson is the one who is always running around dancing. playing or calling me Hola. Oh yeah, Emerson thinks my name is “Hola” because every time I pick up Gael I say, “Hola mi amor.” It was hard to choose just one so I added a few more on this link. 


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