Day 8: Captured #naphopomo


My favorite subjects to photograph are children and the elderly. I always something pure, innocent and beautiful when taking their photographs. This is why I was so excited to be able to photograph my friend’s parents earlier this month. I finished editing and delivered photos yesterday which means I can finally share some of them with you.

I must say this was one of my favorite photo shoots I’ve ever done not just because they are such a cute couple but also because they are not afraid to show their love in front of the camera- it was like nothing else mattered. I usually don’t like to take much time reviewing photos during the shoots. I tend to take advantage of the moment, shoot and review later. I’ve had a lot of great “accidents” happen this way. Accidents are those photos that find you, no planning or staging. At times I don’t realize I’ve taken them until the editing process. What makes these photos great is the emotion they evoke. 

The photo above is one of my favorite accidents. I was not expecting to get that look from him when I took this photo. There’s something so beautiful and touching about the way he is looking at the camera, the way he is holding her and her smile. I see this photo and it just makes me smile. It also make me hope one day someone will hold me this way. The bond between these two is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They captured me. I was also intrigued by their marriage of more than 50 years. I asked them, “What’s your secret?” and they both just laughed. They thought it was a joke but I was dead serious. I wanted to know how they made it work. I’m sure they had their challenges along the way but somehow they survived them all and made it work which I found truly inspiring. 

I hope you enjoy seeing their photos as much I enjoyed taking them. 

Here’s a few more

This photograph was taken as part of #NaPhoPoMo (National Photo Posting Month) – a shot a day for the month of November.

Check out other photos


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