#NaPhoPoMo 2013 Day 21: A gloomy day


Today was one of those days the weather fits the mood- cold, rainy and gloomy. There have been a few clouds that have made the last few days a bit of a struggle for me. Do you ever have days when things don’t seem to go right? You try so hard to make things better but you make it worse instead. Things begin to pile up, anxiety kicks in and it gets the best of you. When it rain it pours and thunder happens soon after. The problem when this happens is that people around us are effected by it and have the potential of being hurt. We tend to hurt those who are closest to us and we end up making matters worse. We go out in the rain and do not take an umbrella.  I’m learning that these moments tend to trigger negative energy and have a painful domino effect. When thunder strikes in certain areas no good can come from it.  I’m learning these are the worst moments to try to fix things or make them better. As vulnerable humans we go into defense mode and everything becomes threat. I’m learning that when these moments happen it is best to sit still and disconnect from those who may be easy targets. It is best to let the thunder pass and then process.  It is best to use our own umbrella on gloomy days… learn to Be still. Be peaceful. Be mindful.



This photograph was taken as part of #NaPhoPoMo (National Photo Posting Month) – a shot a day for the month of November.

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