Photography is  one of my favorite ways to journal moments and keep beautiful memories alive. I believe its an art everyone is capable of doing and probably has or will at some point in their lifetime. Photography for me is a way to chronicle emotions, moments, and timeless expressions that say more than words.

Event photos

Neighborhood Centers Baker-Ripley Grand Opening

Neighborhood Centers- Hearts and Mind

Texans Tailgating

  Liz de Mega,l56T5oA6RN5Pel1ANQ9sDlfcpdhgVEJ0BzBSC33gx1A


Liz de Mega

Liz de Mega


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  1. …I still remember the day you were about to buy the nikon P90 and then I recomended to take a look to the canon’s version: Powershot SX… we were at West Gray Cafe, and that same day you tried to buy it online, but the signal was too low…or did you buy it that same moment?? I don’t remember, but after that you got more involved -or in love- of photography.

    You made a good point on your writing above: ‘it’s an art everyone is capable of doing…’ totaly agree. the digital era is making everybody can do a lot of things…it allows people to discover new skills.

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