#NaPhoPoMo 2013 Day 24: Life changes

Last year life didn't look or feel like this. I'm thankful for the changes Gael has brought into my life and all the little things he helps me value. He brings a different perspective, humility, hope and love I've never experienced. I'm thankful for this every single day. The photo above is a tradition I … Continue reading #NaPhoPoMo 2013 Day 24: Life changes

#NaPhoPoMo 2013 Day 23: Lunch alone

Today I had lunch by myself.  This is a rarity for me nowadays. I used to do this all the time. Times have changed.  When you are a parent eating becomes a rushed activity even more so when you are doing the single parent thing.  I love eating with my little guy but I also … Continue reading #NaPhoPoMo 2013 Day 23: Lunch alone

#NaPhoPoMo 2013 Day 21: A gloomy day

Today was one of those days the weather fits the mood- cold, rainy and gloomy. There have been a few clouds that have made the last few days a bit of a struggle for me. Do you ever have days when things don't seem to go right? You try so hard to make things better … Continue reading #NaPhoPoMo 2013 Day 21: A gloomy day

#naphopomo 2013, Day 17: Dinner en nuestro hogar

Tonight Gael and I hosted a dinner for a small group of friends at home. This was a first for me. I've never really had more than one friend come over for dinner. It was really nice. It's was our usual sunday breakfast bunch- Rafa, Pau and Ale. I managed to cook a pretty decent meal … Continue reading #naphopomo 2013, Day 17: Dinner en nuestro hogar

#naphopomo 2013, Day 16: Meet Mike

I met Mike Segal this morning during a visit at Ben Taub Hospital with my Mom. He came into the waiting area and said, "at 11am I'm going to have a support group in this room. I would like to tell you my story." My initial thought was, "oh great, what's this guy going to … Continue reading #naphopomo 2013, Day 16: Meet Mike

#naphopomo 2013, Day 5: Helen and the kids

 Helen Guerra is one of the most caring individuals I've ever met. She cares for my Gael during the day while I'm at work. Helen is not just Gael's babysitter but she also has become a part of our little family. Her care for Gael goes beyond the 8+ hours she keeps him, it never stops … Continue reading #naphopomo 2013, Day 5: Helen and the kids

My inspiration

I’ve had major blogger’s block for the last 6 months. For me, blogger’s block is when you cannot get yourself to click the publish button. My blogger’s block is not due to lack of inspiration or motivation. I’ve actually written quite a bit and even started journaling again. This blog was inspired by a journal. … Continue reading My inspiration