My reaction when I found out I was pregnant was not what you would expect

The day I found out I was pregnant wasn’t at all how I would have imagined it. I didn’t feel how I thought I would feel. I cried so much but not because I was happy, I was terrified. The circumstances were not ideal for a baby, the relationship wasn’t what a relationship should be... Continue Reading →


Me salio lo cursi con la maternidad // Motherhood made me a lil’ corny

English Version- Motherhood made me a lil' corny Esto de la maternidad no me lo esperaba, por lo menos no ahora. Confieso que cuando me di cuenta de mi embarazo fue muy aterrador- nunca llore tanto. Ahora que tengo a mi Gael entre mis brazos es lo  mejor que me pudo haber pasado. Este amor... Continue Reading →

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